What comes with a full grooming?

When it comes to our full grooms, we give your pup the complete treatment. You can trust that our groomers will:

  • Shampoo and condition your pet's coat with luxury products
  • Trim and buff your pup's nails
  • Blow dry and brush out your pup's hair
  • Cut and style your dog's hair
  • Spray cologne on your pet's coat
  • Put your pup in a stylish bandana
We can also do creative cuts or dye your pet's hair. Learn more about our full grooming for dogs when you reach out to us now.

Do you want your pup to have fun colors?

Trust our local groomers to bring your dreams to life! We offer creative grooms that include color, nail polish, or whatever you can dream of. Please note all creative grooms must be scheduled two weeks in advance in order to ensure we are available.